Do you need a wakeboard boat to wakeboard?

Technically, all ships can do it, as long as the engine is powerful enough to lift an edge and accelerate the pace. A tower is not required for wakeboarding, you can ride, jump and do somersault tricks perfectly with a standard towing eye. However, a tower will make it easier for you to learn and get on the wakeboard and perform higher jump maneuvers. You can wakeboard without a boat if all you have is an outboard motor boat.

There are several trailer parks where you can go wakeboarding if you don't have a boat on board. If you observe safety precautions, especially when traveling with your furry friend, wakeboarding will be fun. Most cyclists tend to minimize the risk, since the boat is always moving forward and you are 65 feet behind the boat. Since the mooring point of a ship's tower is normally placed inside the boat, traction occurs in front of the boat's stern, providing additional height compared to a standard ski trailer eye.

Boats are safer, since you can't hit the propeller unless you go further ahead and go under the boat.

Wakeboard boats

have ballast tanks that allow you to apply more weight with the push of a button. Wakeboarding behind inboard boats, such as V-drive and direct drive boats, is safe because the propeller is not exposed. However, most wakeboarders start wakeboarding without an extended tower or pylon and do well without it.

You can jump higher on your wakeboard and enjoy more time in the air to perform incredible tricks when you have a wakeboard tower. As long as the boat has an internal engine and is strong enough to drag a board and accelerate its pace, you can go wakeboarding on it. The higher tow line pulls the rope upwards, which helps you, as a wakeboarder, not only to get on the wakeboard more easily when taking off, but also to jump higher and for longer (waiting time) out of the ship's wake. You may feel like you're 65 feet away from him, but when you start doing tricks and when you realize that the boat could break down, then you're not that far from the ship.

If you're thinking about wakeboarding, you might be wondering if you can wakeboard behind a boat without a tower. Wakeboard boats usually have an entire tower attached to the sides of the boat, which extends over the boat, with the restraint rope at the top, in the center. Although the most popular benefit is the extra time you get with a wakeboard tower, there are many other reasons why you should buy a wakeboard tower. Some wakeboarders find that a large swimming platform makes wakeboarding behind a stern boat safer.

Without a wakeboard tower, the rope will most likely be tied to the back of the boat at a point fairly close to the water.

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